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When  preparing to travel, lay out all your clothes and all your money.  Then  take half the clothes and twice the money.

Susan Heller

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Camping Equipment

Camping Equipment

Camping holidays have always been popular in the UK, and in times of recession usually even more so. It can not only provide a cheap holiday, but the kids love it and it is refreshing to get a bit closer to nature.

Camping equipment can be a bit expensive, especially the first time you go.

If it is your first ever experience, then it might be worth considering some of the budget brands and camping sets available.

For regular campers we would recommend buying your camping equipment from leading brands like Jetboil, Coleman and Snugpak.

Their products use the latest advances in outdoor technology and will help to ensure that your camping expedition is one to remember - for all the right reasons.

Camp Sleeping Equipment

The first thing to look for will be sleeping equipment.

This includes tents, sleeping bags and liners, and sleep mats to help ensure you get a good night’s sleep.

Consider their size and weight, as well as quality and value for money, so that you won’t be too weighed down getting to your campsite.

Camping Stoves & Cookware

For cooking, there is a vast range of portable stoves and cookers to cook on, and a range of pots and pans to cook in.

Again, look for good quality but small and lightweight stoves and cookware.

Outdoor Survival Equipment

Outdoor Survival Equipment

Some outdoor survival equipment should always be included in your outdoor kit, even if only taking the dog for a walk in the New Forest.

For fairly short walks you might feel a mobile phone is the only thing you need, but for longer expeditions you should think about taking some survival equipment.

These are items that have been specifically designed to help you survive under adverse conditions.

Outdoor Survival Essentials

When you are out hunting, fishing, hiking, backpacking, camping or generally enjoying the great outdoors, if something goes wrong what do you need to ensure survival?

What are your basic outdoor survival essentials?

Basic Survival Needs

If you consider your basic survival needs, factor in the type of trip or expedition you are planning and the terrain you will be covering, then you should be able to determine what basic outdoor survival equipment to take with you.

Your basic survival needs are:-

  • Medical (physical and psychological)
  • Protection (clothing, shelter and fire)
  • Sustenance (food and water)
  • Signalling (a means of communication to get help)
  • Travel (the ability to get to safety)

If you consider these 5 basic needs and look at the trip you are planning, you can work out what survival kit to take with you.

Remember that in a rescue situation, the survivor is usually the weak link.

Change that by being prepared.

Knives & Multi-Tools

Knives & Multi-Tools

There is a phenomenal range of knives and multi-tools available from many different brands. Some of these brands are well known - like Gerber and Leatherman - but others are not so well known.

This makes choosing the right knife or multi-tool for your outdoor activity not quite as easy as it sounds.

Many survival experts consider a knife to be the most important item in your survival kit, as it can arguably be used for all five of your basic survival needs.

Basic Survival & Everyday Use

As well as for survival, a knife is an essential item for many outdoor pursuits.

For camping, fishing and hunting there are many occasions that a knife or multi-tool is extremely useful, if not essential, and even in everyday activities they have their place.

Indeed, the Leatherman was conceived from a need to maintain an old car while on a touring holiday.

A poor quality knife or multi-tool can be more of a hazard than a help, so we would recommend sticking to a well known outdoor brand.

It may cost a little bit more, but will be better quality and safer to use, and will last longer.

Outdoor Equipment

Outdoor Equipment

Good quality outdoor equipment may not always be essential to be able to enjoy the great outdoors, but it certainly helps. We have over 60 years experience in the outdoor industry and can help you choose the right outdoor equipment for your outdoor hobby.

Swiss Army Knives, Multi-Tools & Lock Knives

There is a fantastic range of knives and multi-tools around, but some of them are not worth looking at.

Jack Pyke produce a great range of lock knives that are very reasonably priced and really good value for money.

Swiss Army Knives have to be made by Wenger or Victorinox to be classed as genuine - Victorinox have now bought out Wenger avigeneric.com.

And we would only recommend multi-tools from Leatherman or Gerber.

Waterproofing & Cleaning

It is important to look after your outdoor clothing and equipment, and so you will need some cleaning and re-proofing products. We recommend Nikwax and all of their products are water based and will maintain the breathability of the material.

Insect Repellents

Insect Repellents

There is a range of insect repellents available, specially designed for backpackers and travellers, to help keep those nasty bugs at bay.

There are areas in the UK where you need protection from insects, but when travelling abroad this can be even more important.

Mosquito Nets & Repellents

As a first line of defence, you might want to consider mosquito nets, designed to stop the insects getting near to your skin.

It is worth treating the net with insect repellent to stop insects crawling around the net and maybe finding a way in. Some nets are pre-treated.

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Deet & Permethin Sprays

As a second line of defence, and for use on exposed areas like wrists and ankles during the day, you should consider sprays for your skin to deter them from biting. Insects can bite through thin clothing, so it may be worth using sprays for use on your clothing to prevent this.

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