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My biggest worry is that my wife (when I''m dead) will sell my fishing gear for what I said I paid for it.

Koos Brandt

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Author: Len McDougall
Binding: Paperback
Brand: KLO80
Studio: Skyhorse Publishing
Label: Skyhorse Publishing
Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing
Manufacturer: Skyhorse Publishing
List Price: £15.99
Sale Price: £15.99 £13.79 You save: £2.20
View more offers Buy New From: £10.11
Product Description: Book The Self-Reliance Manifesto - How to Survive Anything, Anywhere. By Len McDougall. 307 page paperback. Includes information on finding water, building a fire, stockpiling foot, preparing a bug-out bag, making a knife survival kit, orienteering, finding shelter, safeguarding against floods, dealing with chemical attacks, creating an emergency plan, edible and medicinal plants, fishing, snaring small animals, keeping food safe, using firearms, setting broken bones, tying knots and mor

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