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Author: Peter Frost
Binding: Hardcover
Brand: Haynes
Studio: J H Haynes & Co Ltd
Label: J H Haynes & Co Ltd
Publisher: J H Haynes & Co Ltd
Manufacturer: J H Haynes & Co Ltd
List Price: £16.99

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  • Haynes The Camping Manual
Product Description: Haynes The Camping Manual Increasing numbers of people are discovering that camping is an economical and attractive holiday option. Here is a great hardback book that will tell you all you need to know about planning the perfect family camping trip. Whether it is a weekend in North Wales or two weeks in the Costa Brava, this attractively presented, all-colour manual will take you through choosing, buying and looking after tents, trailer tents and many other accessories and equipment. The pages and detail are a combination of colour & black and white. The BBC has reported that more and more Britons are packing their tents and heading for the countryside. Market researchers recently Mintel reported a surge in short-break camping holidays while membership of the Camping and Caravanning Club has increased by 10% in three years. So why, what, how and where should we go camping . . . Whether you plan a weekend in North Wales or a fortnight in the Costa Brava, camping is an economical and attractive holiday option and an increasingly popular one too. However, to enjoy camping you need to know what you are doing what equipment to buy, how and where to pitch your tent and what to do about water, electricity, gas and toilets. In addition, you will want to know some great destinations for camping holidays. Newly published, The Camping Manual is an essential campers guide. Compiled by Peter Frost, who has camped in more than 30 countries from Iceland to South Africa, The Camping Manual is published by Haynes renowned worldwide for its car and motorcycle manuals. Peter begins by detailing the sorts of tents available and how to erect them. Numerous illustrations and clear diagrams in The Camping Manual explain how each sort of tent is erected and theres important information on tent repairs. Everything else you could possibly need is covered in detail from sleeping bags to wellies and lanterns to gizmos. Frosts experience is reflected in his many use


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