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Binding: Electronics
Brand: Celestron
Studio: Celestron
Label: Celestron
Publisher: Celestron
Manufacturer: Celestron
List Price: £15.00
Price: £15.00
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  • Flashlight producing red light
  • Illuminates objects without the loss of the user's eye adaption to the dark
  • Ideal for astronomy - reading astronomy charts, looking through accessories etc.
  • Also suitable for use when camping, wildlife watching etc.
Product Description: Special feature
• Square design so you'll never worry about it rolling away

When would I use this night vision flashlight? 
A must have when watching the sky at night, the red flashlight lets you see enough to change settings or check your star charts without spoiling your night vision. This is a better alternative to a normal torch as even brief exposure to white light means you have to continually readjust your eyes to the dark. Thanks to the red LEDs this torch ensures your night vision is maintained.

Can the light level be changed? 
The Celestron night vision flashlight uses two red LEDs and the light level can be adjusted using the thumbwheel. It can be worn around the neck with the supplied lanyard and with its square shape there's no worrying about it rolling away if you put it down. The torch is powered by a single  9V (PP3) battery (included). 

Specifications Type Torch Light colour Red Power 9V battery (included) Light intensity Adjustable


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