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Binding: Personal Care
Brand: Avon
Studio: Avon
Label: Avon
Publisher: Avon
Manufacturer: Avon
List Price: £9.99
Sale Price: £9.99 £6.98 You save: £3.01
View more offers Buy New From: £6.98
  • Size: 150 millilitres Various Packaging
  • Contains Citronellol
  • Goes solid in cold weather do not twist cap off as it will break
  • Place in a warm room to re liquify if solid
Product Description: Avon's Soft and Fresh Dry Oil Body Spray comes highly recommended an ideal BODY LOTION designed to LOCK IN MOISTURE after a bath/shower or FOR DRY SKIN. You can also use it during the Summer and when you're on HOLIDAY as a GREAT substitute INSECT & MOSQUITO REPELLENT. It can be used by campers, fishermen, hikers, gardeners and others who work outside. You can even use it on cats, dogs and horses to keep the flies away (some of our customers buy boxes of this spray to use on their horses during the Summer). As a Scottish newspaper reported '......... Instead of using mosquito repellent issued by their unit, soldiers and workers at the base are buying Avon body lotion to repel midges on the West Coast. A stores sergeant at 45 Commando, based at Arbroath, said: "There is nothing effeminate about it. The reason the Marines are using it is because it is good kit. It works. It's as simple as that".....It has also been claimed that both the US army and the SAS use it as mosquito repellent in the jungle. ' Contains - Citronellol from Citronella oil which helps to repel blood-feeding mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas. 150ml per bottle.


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