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Binding: Misc.
Brand: Heavy Duty Canvas Bag
List Price: £11.39
Price: £11.39
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  • Heavy Duty Canvas Holdall. This bag has nearly a 70 Litre capacity and made to the standard military pattern
  • This type of kit bag has been used by the Army and Navy for years and last a lifetime.
  • The bag incorporates a carry handle, Shoulder strap and top fastening eyelets
  • This bag has a 12 inch base when laid flat is 24 inch wide and 34 inch tall. Nearly 70 Litre Capacity
  • A fantastic item whether you are in the military or want a high quality holdall or just a fashion item.
Product Description: The Duffel bag has been used for years by members of the military worldwide and is one of the first thing many new recruits have been issued. The Duffle bag was named after a town in Belgium were the material was made. This bag is known by many other names now, in the Army they are known as kit bags and in the Navy and Marines they are often known as Sea bags. The heavy duty cotton fabric means that these bags last you a lifetime. In the 40's and 50's the Duffel Bag became increasingly popular by those outside of the Army and Navy. Seeing how durable these are a lot of Surfers started using them for carrying kit to the beach and they soon became a must have item. As the years have gone buy people have inherited these bags from 60 years ago and they are still going strong and this has brought the need for new ones to made in the same design from the same materials as their popularity has increased.


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