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Binding: Misc.
Brand: Nitehawk
Studio: Nitehawk
Label: Nitehawk
Publisher: Nitehawk
Manufacturer: Nitehawk
List Price: £5.99
Price: £5.99
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  • Genuine NITEHAWK® Branded Product - Your First Choice For Quality Military Products
  • The NITEHAWK® camouflage netting is the ultimate camouflage tool for your outdoor needs. Made out of rip stop nylon it is designed for heavy duty use.
  • Ideal to be used for camouflage when bird watching, wildlife photograph or for the army enthusiast.
  • Designed to be water, rot and mould resistant, so you can sure you are getting a great quality product which will withstand all weather whilst still being quick drying.
  • Dual reversible colour system is great for offering a choice of camo colour depending on your surroundings, keeping you covered no matter what outdoor woodland environment you are in.

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Product Description: The Nitehawk Camouflage Net is a premium netting at an affordable price. Made from tough, rip stop nylon it is perfectly designed for use outdoors, but can also be turned in bedroom decoration for army enthusiast, as a backdrop for photography purposes or as cover for bird watching or wildlife photography; the uses are limited to your imagination. The dual reversible colour system provides two camouflage options depending on the surroundings, leaving you with versatility that you'll struggle to find from any other camouflage net. The netting itself is water, rot and mould resistant, again proving itself as a perfect outdoor companion. It is quick drying, lightweight and compact, allowing itself to be easy to handle and adjust to suit your needs. The Nitehawk branding puts your mind at ease that this is a top quality product at an excellent low price.


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