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Binding: Personal Care
Brand: NRS Healthcare
Studio: Nottingham Rehab Supplies (NRS)
Label: Nottingham Rehab Supplies (NRS)
Publisher: Nottingham Rehab Supplies (NRS)
Manufacturer: Nottingham Rehab Supplies (NRS)
List Price: £143.94
Price: £143.94
View more offers Buy New From: £143.94
  • NRS Healthcare Floor Standing Lifting Pole F21061 - Height Adjustable
  • Provides handle for pulling or lifting self up to sitting position when in bed
  • Helps reposition for comfort, upper limb strength is required
  • Height adjustable pole & adjustable hanging handle and Height: 191cm (75"). Max user weight: 125kg (19.5 st)
  • Suitable for use with conventional beds where there are no metal lifting pole fittings available
Product Description: Patient Helper is designed to help a person to sit up in bed. It is freestanding and can be used with any style bed that has a clearance under the bed of at least 40mm (1.75") to allow the Patient Helper base to slide under. The long pole is height adjustable and features a horizontal bar at the top from which hangs a strong, adjustable strap attached to a plastic, moulded, triangular shaped handgrip. Handle is used to provide support for person to pull themselves into a sitting position. Not designed to lift the person completely off the bed. Comes flat packed in 3 pieces and is easy to assemble.


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