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Binding: Shoes
Brand: Stormsure
Studio: stormsure
Label: stormsure
Publisher: stormsure
Manufacturer: stormsure
List Price: £5.49
Price: £5.49
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  • wader repair
  • wellingtons
  • wellys
  • wellies
Product Description: This kit contains A MINI 5gm tube of Stormsure Flexible Repair Adhesive 2 x 75mm circular self adhesive patches. (transparent) The patches are a new material which is stretchy and highly conformable and very tough. Use patches on waders and flat surfaces of boots for instant repairs. For awkward splits and holes and over seams and stitching use the Stormsure Adhesive. This will form a permanent repair on all sorts of damage, and does not need a patch, even when covering a hole. The glue cures slowly and leaves a very tough flexible film, which will stick to leather, Gortex, nylon,most plastics, rubber and polyurethane. The film will not crack in freezing temperature and is completely waterproof. The cured glue will probably have better abrasion resistance than the existing sole! We also stock Stock Stormsure in 15gm size & separate patches other listings


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