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Brand: DIY Legal Forms
Studio: General Legal Services Storage Ltd
Label: General Legal Services Storage Ltd
Publisher: General Legal Services Storage Ltd
Manufacturer: General Legal Services Storage Ltd
List Price: £14.99
Sale Price: £14.99 £8.99 You save: £6.00
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  • This is the brand new, best selling and acclaimed, Latest 2018 Edition, Deluxe Last Will and Testament Kit by DIY Legal Forms.
  • The Kit includes: TWO WILL FORMS, FREE eight page, step by step, easy to follow Help Booklet. FREE completed example Will Form. FREE Legal Helpline for any questions. FREE Vault Storage for one year. FREE Will Storage Envelope.
  • TWO WILL FORMS printed onto quality, cream coloured, Conqueror weight, Legal Grade paper are included in each Kit. This allows TWO people to make a Will, or a spare if you make an error.
  • The Kit is designed to be EASY to follow, and very STRAIGHT FORWARD to do. There is no complicating legal jargon and everything is written in clear, plain English. Once signed and witnessed the Wills are legally valid, saving £'s in legal fees.
  • The Kit is superbly presented, professionally printed, well designed, carefully packaged, and copyright protected. It is the brand new and sealed, latest Edition, and Solicitor approved. VALID IN ALL OF THE UK, including SCOTLAND.
Product Description: This is our best selling and acclaimed, brand new, latest 2018 Edition, Deluxe DIY Last Will and Testament Kit. It includes TWO Wills printed onto quality, cream coloured, Conqueror weight, legal grade paper, a FREE easy to follow, 8-page step-by-step Help Book, a FREE completed Will Form Example, (to help guide and show you how your Will needs to look), One Years FREE Vault Storage, and a FREE Legal Helpline, if you need any assistance completing your Will. The Kit now includes a FREE Will Storage Envelope, if you want to safely store your Will at home. It is brand new and sealed, and dispatched discreetly inside an A4 sized, 'Do Not Bend' envelope. The Kit is designed to be easy to complete and straight forward to follow, allowing you to save £££'s in legal fees. Once signed and witnessed it is a legally valid Will. The Kit is professionally printed, designed, and packaged. This edition is valid in England, Wales, Northern Ireland, and Scotland. The Kit is copyright protected and sent direct from us, the Publisher. If you have a more complex estate, need room for more guardians, executors, or have longer lists of gifts or bequests, or simply prefer much more room, please choose our PLATINUM LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT KIT. It is listed and in stock, just a little more expensive.


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