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Binding: Automotive
Brand: Philips
Studio: Philips GmbH BC Automotive
Label: Philips GmbH BC Automotive
Publisher: Philips GmbH BC Automotive
Manufacturer: Philips GmbH BC Automotive
List Price: £36.99
Sale Price: £36.99 £17.98 You save: £19.01
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  • Up to 130% more light on the road in comparison to a standard headlight bulb
  • Superior light beam: up to 130 metres allows you to see much more of the road ahead, up to 45m longer light beam than standard increases reaction time by up to 2 seconds
  • Up to 20% whiter light than standard for a more comfortable and safer driving experience + a colour temperature of 3700K for your eyes to focus better and to have a more comfortable driving experience at night
  • High precision coating and high quality UV-Quarz glass
  • Up to 450 hours lifetime
Product Description:

Take performance to the X-treme
Extra light, extra brightness
Philips X-tremeVision car bulbs are the brightest you can buy. They outshine all other car bulbs with up to 130% more brightness and a superior beam of up to 130 metres. So you see further, react faster and drive more safely.

Maximum light, maximum performance
- See further and react faster with 130% more brightness;
- The brightest bulb: ultimate visibility and performance;
- The safest road-legal headlights.

Increased brightness
- 20% whiter light to improve comfort and safety;
- Exceptional beam quality and performance;
- Great contrast for a comfortable drive.

Best-in-class lifetime
- A lifetime of safety so you can see and be seen;
- Performance means more light and longer lifetime.

20% whiter light in your lamps
The bright white light (3700 K) is up to 20% whiter than standard headlamps. The Philips patented
gradient coating technologyTM produces a more powerful light. So you can enjoy the brightest lighting
performance and a highly comfortable night driving experience.

A lifetime of safety
Every potential failure of a spare part is a risk for you and your vehicle. This is especially true for
headlights. Every broken headlamp reduces visibility and safety for you and the oncoming traffic. Philips
X-tremeVision is optimised for a long and reliable lifetime. So you can see and be seen for longer than
with any other high-performance lamp.

Exceptional beam quality
With a combination of more light and increased colour temperature, Philips X-tremeVision qualifies
as the best-performing beam in the halogen segment.

- Type of lamp: H7
- Pack of: 2
- 12 V, 55 W
- More light

Technical details

-Package height: 133 mm
-Package length: 11 cm
-Package width:


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