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Brand: SODIAL(R)
Studio: SODIAL(R)
Label: SODIAL(R)
Publisher: SODIAL(R)
Manufacturer: SODIAL(R)
List Price: £5.12
Price: £5.12
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  • Signal + Central aiming hole
  • 1. Hold mirror by one hand, with mirror plane aiming at light source. Let light ray reflect on the other palm.
  • 2. Keep this relative position and move aiming hole to your eye. You can clearly see a bright spot through this hole. This spot is named sight bead.
  • 3. Slowly waggle signal mirror to let the sight bead overlap communication goal. Then the goal will exactly see heliogram you are sending.
  • 4. Move sight bead's two points back and force along horizon when you cannot see the specific communication goal. Then the heliogram will be seen dozens of kilometers away even on a foggy day.
Product Description: * SODIAL is a registered trademark. ONLY Authorized seller of SODIAL can sell under SODIAL listings.Our products will enhance your experience to unparalleled inspiration.
SODIAL(R) 5in1 Survival Emergency Rescue Signal Mirror+Whistle+Fire Starter+Compass+Ruler
Size: 120 x 78 x 10.5 mm
Function: signal mirror, high frequency whistle, compass, flintstone, ruler
1 x Rescue signal mirror


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