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Brand: Joyoldelf
Studio: Oldelf
Label: Oldelf
Publisher: Oldelf
Manufacturer: Oldelf
List Price: £7.99
Price: £7.99
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  • New Improved Design! EAT WOOD 2 Times Faster! Perfect Match for camping, hiking, hunting, fishing etc,Heave duty Pocket Chainsaw,Best Gift to you and your friends;
  • Made with Highest Quality Steel - shark teeth shape with more dense sawtooth,much sharper and faster to cut wood, If you let the chain do the cutting and just move it back and forth you will be amazed at what it can do;
  • Nice lightweight and compact survival saw. The chainsaw eliminates awkward sawing positions in tight spaces. Belt pouch makes it easy to carry,Great for sea kayak or backpacking trips where weight is a factor but you still want to be able to cut wood for a fire. Handy to have one available when needed. Another good feature is that you can slip cordage through the loop handles and throw it over higher limbs and just pull and saw away. Lifesaver when you need to start a fire in inclement weather;
  • Word of advice: brushed any wood chips out and sprayed it with oil or button after using it and it is still sharp and looks like new,Lifetime warranty;
Product Description: The Real Survival tool that could save your life

What if... you are wet, cold and hungry in the wild...? When calories count... Our Pocket Chain saw is your best choice of gathering wood.
You will be cutting through timber IN NO TIME.
No other hand chainsaw or folding saw could COMPARE.

You Won't Find A Better Pocket Chain Saw on the market.
Why JOYOLDELF chainsaw?

1.Cutting woods with Maximum Efficiency.
92+ SUPER SUPER SHARP Teeth and Comfortable handle Ensure HIGHEST PERFORMANCE.

2. BUILT TO LAST. Made with Highest Quality Steel.

3.Extreme Portability and weighs nothing! Comes with belt loop pouch easily fits into camping pack.

Our pocket chain saw is NOT for DOING EXERCISE but GETTING THE JOB DONE!

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

If within 60 days you're not 100% happy with your purchase, let us know and we'll refund your entire purchase price...no questions asked!


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