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Binding: Misc.
Brand: The Nod Shop
Studio: The Nod Shop
Label: The Nod Shop
Publisher: The Nod Shop
Manufacturer: The Nod Shop
List Price: £33.00
Price: £33.00
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  • 100% pure organic mulberry silk sleeping bag liner - hypoallergenic - perfect for anyone who wants a touch of luxury on the road.
  • Medium sized liner - 210 x 85cm with pillow pocket (190 x 85cm body space) - suitable for adults up to 6ft - Just 107 grams!
  • Complete with travel pouch, reinforced seams and pillow pocket, for your comfort. 1 year warranty on all liners.
  • Ideal for use in multiple climates; use on its own in hot, humid climates where the pure silk fabric regulates temperature and draws moisture away from the body. Alternatively team with your cold weather sleeping bag to reduce need for washing and add and extra 5 degrees of warmth.
  • Perfect for backpacking, trekking, hiking, camping, festivals and more.

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Product Description:
100% Pure Silk Liners
Our pure silk sleeping bag liner is ideal for anyone who wants a touch of luxury on the road. Made from hand dyed 100% pure organic mulberry silk which is super soft against the skin. This is one of the lightest sleeping bag liners on the market at just 107g!

Benefits of Using a Nod-Pod Sleeping Bag Liner
- Ideal for a variety of weather conditions - keeps you cool in tropical climates by drawing away moisture from the body and regulates temperature keeping you cool in humid environments. In cooler climates it can be used to add 5°C of warmth, making it a great asset for air conditioned environments and for use with your cold weather sleeping bag for extra warmth, to prolong the life and reduce need for washing.
- Keep mosquitoes at bay by spraying your sleeping bag liner lightly with natural insect repellent (not DEET), it will also help give protection from bed bugs.
- Perfect for use on long haul transport, backpacking, trekking, camping, festivals and more! Smooth pure silk fabric means its easy to slip in and out of even with clothes on! All liners now come with reinforced seams to ensure absolutely no splitting or tearing.

Satisfaction Guaranteed - 1 Year Warranty
If you have any issues whatsoever with your item please contact us for a replacement or refund. We offer a 1-year warranty on all purchases as we want customers to be satisfied with their purchase and buy with confidence.

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Nod-Pod Sleeping Bag Liners come in a selection of styles, colours and sizes. On Amazon, we also stock XL, Mummy and Double liners, just search "The Nod Shop" for more listings.


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