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Binding: Misc.
Brand: Blizzard Protection
Studio: Blizzard Protection Systems Ltd
Label: Blizzard Protection Systems Ltd
Publisher: Blizzard Protection Systems Ltd
Manufacturer: Blizzard Protection Systems Ltd
List Price: £33.99
Price: £33.99
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  • Complete head coverage with adjustable closures
  • Easy-to-wrap patient placement with full length center Velcro access
  • Total body core heating coverage with 4 large oxygen-activated heating pads (movable applications of all 4 pads)
  • Full body access seams for quick vital sign check and extremity assessment
  • Stretchable security cords help sustain and store heat close to the body core
Product Description: The Blizzard Heat Casualty Blanket is the second generation of the original Blizzard Survival Blanket which is a proven stand alone product. Improved construction and features utilizing strategically placed heating pads to effectively warm a casualty's upper and lower core.

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