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Brand: One Step
List Price: £2.95
Price: £2.95
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  • One Step is a disposable breathalyser used to measure blood alcohol content from a breath sample.
  • The test must be performed at least 15 minutes after last consuming alcohol and is designed for personal use
  • For the full list of BAC drink/driving limits in Europe see the full chart
  • Multi-language instruction - English, German, French, Spanish and Italian
  • Multi readout at BRAC levels of 0.0, 0.2, 0.5 and 0.8 g/L
Product Description: One Step® is a disposable breathalyser used to measure blood alcohol content from a breath sample. The lowest blood alcohol content detected by One Step® is 0.2 g/L (grams per litre). The drink driving limits for all EU Countries is shown in the table above in g/L in the same format as the One Step® breathalyser.
A 0.2g/l by volume blood alcohol content may impair driving ability, causing a direct risk to the life of yourself and of fellow road users. It should be remembered that blood alcohol level rises over about an hour from the moment alcohol is consumed and the level will also depend on gender, weight, fitness, consumption rate, type of alcohol and consumption of food as well as many other factors. One Step® comprises a glass tube, an active substance in the form of absorption granules, fillers, aluminium foils and 2 protective caps.

French NF Laws

Essentially there is NO punishment for not having a breathalyser when driving in France - it was a sanction thought up by the previous PM Sarkozy that has since been postponed after he lost the election in May 2012. We cannot put outside links here on Amazon but if you go to the AA website and check you will see it states the following

"January 2013 - the French Government announced that the implementation of the sanction for drivers not carrying a breathalyser - a fine of €11 - has been postponed indefinitely. So theoretically you are still required to carry a self-test breathalyser when driving in France but there is no current legislation demanding a fine for non-compliance."


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