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Binding: Misc.
Brand: Hyfive
Studio: Not Known
Label: Not Known
Publisher: Not Known
Manufacturer: Not Known
List Price: £2.49
Price: £2.49
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  • Black Rubber Walking Stock Ferrule Heavy Duty 12mm
  • Adds Extra Support And Improves Safety
  • Pimpled End For Extra Grip
  • Provides Excellent Grip On Icy Pavements
  • 12mm (1/2") inside diameter
Product Description:

Brand New

Ideal for walking sticks

Simply fits over the end of your stick and gives extra support, grip and stability.

HEAVY DUTY pimpled end for EXTREME grip

Manufactured from black rubber Measurement is taken from the INNER diameter.

Various diameters and pack sizes available. Simply choose your preference from the drop down menu above.

Approx Lengths of the Ferrules are as follows:
13mm (1/2") diameter = 25mm long
16mm (5/8") diameter = 25mm long
19mm (3/4") diameter = 34 mm long
22mm (7/8") diameter = 35 mm long
25mm (1") diameter = 35 mm long


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