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Binding: Misc.
Brand: SecretRain
Studio: Guangzhou Guoke e-commerce Co.,Ltd
Label: Guangzhou Guoke e-commerce Co.,Ltd
Publisher: Guangzhou Guoke e-commerce Co.,Ltd
Manufacturer: Guangzhou Guoke e-commerce Co.,Ltd
List Price: £18.99
Sale Price: £18.99 £14.99 You save: £4.00
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  • Camo Netting, 2m x 3m / 6.5ft x 10ft woodland camouflage netting, polyester fabric material, light weight.
  • Green and brown coloring design, allowing excellent viewing of the surrounding terrain while providing maximum concealment in the field.
  • Can easily be cut and joined with cable ties as pictured to make the size you require
  • Great for Hunting, Shooting, Photography, Tree Houses, Home Decoration, Paintball Game, Sunshade, Fishing, Film Sets, Nightclubs, Kid Play Dens etc.The uses are only limited by your imagination.
  • Take this camouflage netting with you on your next outdoor excursion and feel confidently covered in the wilderness.

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Product Description: Camouflage net is friendly to the environment and widely used in a variety of applications.
Size: 2m x 3m / 6.5ft x 10ft
Material: Polyester Fabric.
Lightweight, quick drying, Waterproof, rot and mould resistant.
Treated for eliminate shine or glare.
Ideal For Garden Screening, Events & Parties, Home Decoration, Kids Bedrooms, decoration,hunting,paintball games,sunshade,Fishing, Shooting, Photography, Film Sets, Nightclubs, Kids Play Dens, Tree Houses,etc.


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