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Binding: Personal Care
Brand: Soles
Studio: Soles
Label: Soles
Publisher: Soles
Manufacturer: Soles
List Price: £18.90
Price: £18.90
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  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS - The Soles Folding Cane is crafted from high quality lightweight anodized aluminum for enhanced support and stability while walking. Usable as a walking aid to assist with leg, hip, back, feet injuries and problems.
  • ADJUSTABLE - The Soles Folding Cane is adjustable at five settings from 83 - 93 cm.
  • CONVENIENT AND STRONG - The Soles Folding Cane is foldable, comes with a convenient wrist strap and a carrying bag thus easy to carry around when needed. Each piece locks securely to form the cane to provide maximum security and reliability when walking.
  • COMFORTABLE - The Soles Folding Cane is designed with extended, prolonged, all day and everyday use in mind. The ergonomic handle is designed to minimize the stress and strain applied to the hands.
  • FITTING - The Soles Folding Cane is adjustable from 83 - 93 cm and bears weight up to 105 kgs.

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Product Description:

Soles Foldable Cane Walking Stick Black (SLS802B)

The Soles Foldable Cane is constructed from strong lightweight anodized aluminum to provide maximum stability and support as a walking aid for leg, hip, back, feet injuries and problems

The foldable design allows the cane to be folded away and carried comfortably, the provided wrist strap adds additional convenience.

Product Details:

  • Premium Anodized Aluminum
  • Lightweight, and Adjustable
  • Foldable
  • Soft and Ergonomic Handle Grip
  • Available in Bronze, Silver and Black
  • Length Adjustable from 83 to 93 cm
Washing and Cleaning Instructions: The Cane should be wiped with a wet cloth and using some soap. Do not machine wash and airdry only.


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