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Binding: Personal Care
Brand: G-smart
Studio: G-smart
Label: G-smart
Publisher: G-smart
Manufacturer: G-smart
List Price: £4.99
Price: £4.99
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  • Made from a soft deliciously comfortable gel. Can provide separation as well as protection from rubbing.
  • Easy to use with no discomfort and can be worn while wearing shoes boots etc.
  • A soft padded shield provides a barrier between your big toe and shoe, relieving the pain of walking
  • By wearing the BUNION gel protectors it will gentle adjust toes to their natural position
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
Product Description: To bring More Comfort To Your Feet: These white bunion pads and comfort gel toe separators relieve pain and make your favorite shoes even more comfortable.
The ultra soft gel bunion guard cushions and protects sore bunions from pressure and friction. With 2 sets per pack, you get relief when bunions are inflamed and painful.

How to wear the bunion protectors:
Slip the bunion corrector pad over the bunion so that the gel protector pad sits comfortably along the outside of your foot, over the bunion, and the toe separator fits between your big toe and index toe similar to how a flip-flop would.
While you wear these pads, the medical grade Visco-Gel releases vitamin E and mineral oil to sooth and soften skin. The slim design fits easily in most shoes. A soft, stretchable toe loop holds the guard in place without adhesives.


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