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Binding: Electronics
Brand: OptixMania
Studio: OptixMania
Label: OptixMania
Publisher: OptixMania
Manufacturer: OptixMania

  • 10 x MAGNIFICATION - The breath taking clarity of these lightweight, compact binoculars will have even the most experienced user pleasantly surprised. Simple, ultra fast focusing adjustment on the ergonomic casing means you will never miss a thing, especially with the wide field of view from the 42mm lens.
  • LIGHT & DURABLE - The super robust, yet easy to handle waterproof outer casing means you will enjoy these fantastic binoculars for years to come. Comes with a FREE 'Protection & Maintenance Kit' (see below). This product is also backed by a manufacturers 5 year warranty as standard.
  • FREE 'PROTECTION & MAINTENANCE' KIT - For added peace of mind, also included with your purchase are protective lens cases, rain guards (ultra handy!), protective case with deluxe neoprene neck strap, luxury cleaning kit including blower brush, lens cleaning fluid, cotton swabs, lens cleaning tissue and lens cleaning cloth. This level of care will keep them in tip top condition and performing at their best.
  • FREE 'DUMMIES GUIDE' - As an additional bonus, we will also include an official copy of the 'Dummies Guide To Bird Watching' which features secret tips and tricks to spot even the rarest of birds, the best times to look, where to look and a whole host of other UNMISSABLE information. A compelling read for anyone from newbie to even expert level.
  • FAST DELIVERY & MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - Order now and your package containing all of the above extra bonuses will arrive in secure packaging within 1-2 days. We offer a 30 day, 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee on your purchase. Absolutely love it, or get your money back.

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Product Description:

Centurion 10x42 Roof Prism Binoculars

Choosing the right binoculars can have a lot to do with the success of your day out. OptixMania introduce their Centurion 10x42 binoculars. The Centurion 10x42 Binoculars are a superb choice for Birdwatching, Stargazing, Sporting Events and for general use, In fact they are specifically designed not to be just good in one area but to be a good allrounder in a discipline.

Great for Birdwatching - The Centurion 10x42 binoculars give exception clarity no matter what time of day. Their multi-coated optics excel at providing remarkable clarity at short to long range distances. This means that even the smallest bird at a great distance can be located, identified and admired.

Stargazing & Astronomy - The 42mm Objective lens literally guarantees that there is a large amount of light being gathered by the binoculars. This means that they will perform well at night or in any low light level condition which gives the ideal platform for looking up at the heavens. The world renowned British Astronomer, the late & great Sir Patrick Moore himself recommended a pair of 10x42 binoculars for looking up at the night sky.

What's in the Box - The following is included:

• Centurion 10x42 Binoculars
• Rain Guards & Objective Lens Dust Covers
• Soft Fabric protective case & Deluxe Neoprene Neck Strap
• Binoculars Cleaning Kit - Blower brush, Lens cleaning fluid, Cotton swabs, Lens cleaning tissue, Lens cleaning cloth
• Dummies guide to Bird Watching

Five year Guarantee
The Centurion 10x42 binoculars come with a 5 year warranty that covers against manufacturers defects.


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