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Binding: Misc.
Brand: Pusheng
Studio: Pusheng
Label: Pusheng
Publisher: Pusheng
Manufacturer: Pusheng

Price: £18.99
  • Fast Delivery,The sleeping bag Easy to stuff back into bag,taking up a minimum of space.
  • Lightweight yet robust comfortable and warm, Easy to wash Dry and Durable.
  • Has a strong zip on the sleeping bag and use as a blanket or comforter! Great multi-use product for Survival, backpacking, biking, scouts, camping or any other activities, perfect for all Guide and Outfitters.
  • This envelope-style sleeping bag is Very easy to roll up and store.Side zipper is easy to get from inside or outside the bag.
  • Total weight: about 1.1kg ,Package Size: 38cm*20cm
Color:Army green
Color:Army green Color:Royal blue Color:Camouflage Color:Red
Product Description: This is a Lightweight Waterproof yet robust warm & comfortable and easy to carry,easy to wash and dry sleeping bag

* Portable, foldable and flexible, very convenient to carry it out, perfectly suitable for outdoor camping or other activities.
* Exceptional Quality and value, easy to be cleaned or re-washed.
* Full length zipper,easy to detach
* Comfortable and warm enough for indoor/outdoor sleeping.
* The sleeping bag can be unzipped and opened flat for use as a blanket
* You can simply roll up the sleeping bag into the attached carrier, and good to go.
* Latest technology makes sure the sleeping bag is packed with features to keep you warm and comfortable
* The super light-weight and sturdy structure of this camping sleeping bag makes your hiking trip more pleasure.
* High quality material to make the range highly suitable for a variety of uses from indoor sleep to camping adventures application.
* Can make two sleeping bags stitched together in the middle barrier, to prevent moisture or cold air entering in while you're camping, and convenient to scrub.

●Waterproof: Yes
●Total weight: about 1.1kg
●Package Size: 38cm*20cm
●Limit temperature scale : 0 ℃
●Sleeping bag style: Envelope / rectangle
●Sleeping bag filling material: fiber cotton
●Material: 170T prevent waterproof polyester
●Comfortable temperature scale : [15 ℃ ~ 5 ℃]
●Measurements: Total Length 180cm, Width 73cm, Hat Length 30cm
●Sleeping bag size : standard ( suitable for 1.8 m height and below )

Package Included:
●1 x Pusheng Sleeping Bag


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