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Brand: LESHP
Studio: LESHP
Label: LESHP
Publisher: LESHP
Manufacturer: LESHP

  • Motion Sensor: Turn on the light automatically when motion is detected at night
  • Perfect outdoor lighting in any climate. This dual LED spotlight features a weatherproof design for durability and reliable function
  • 180 degree left and right rotation, 360 degrees adjustable angle, can be applied to indoor and outdoor take light needs
  • Better WATERPROOF Level IP65: tightly-sealed loop in order to be more WATERPROOF
  • Simple wireless installation in minutes, no need to hire an electrician. Mounting hardware included

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Product Description: Light + Motion Sensor
In darkness environment the spotlight instantly turns on when it detects motion, and can detect motion from as far as 10 feet away with 120 degrees of vision

Angel Adjustable
The light mount can rotate 360 degrees, the light head can adjust 180 degrees

Wide Application
No wire, you can install anywhere, in your house, garage, porch, entryway, or even a tree.
Use as emergency light when power outage, just take the light head down from the mount.
Color: black
Mode: Motion Sensor + Light Sensor
Bulb Type: LED
Light Output: 600 Lumens
Sensing Angel: 120 Degrees horizontally, 100 Degrees vertically
Delay Time: 30s
Power Source: 4x D-Cell Batteries

Package Includes:
1x 600lm Spotlight
3x Expansion Screws
1x User Manual


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