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Binding: Misc.
Brand: Bootclaw
Studio: Bootclaw
Label: Bootclaw
Publisher: Bootclaw
Manufacturer: Bootclaw
List Price: £8.99
Sale Price: £8.99 £7.99 You save: £1.00
View more offers Buy New From: £7.99
  • Curved claws to dig out compacted mud from football/rugby studs, trainer grooves or walking shoe treads
  • Pocket sized (12cm long) and lightweight (14g)
  • Twin pack - one hexagonal and one 3-toothed recessed handle for tightening studs*
  • 2017's best new gadget for footballers, rugby players, golfers, runners and walkers
  • Made in Britain
Product Description: The bootclaw is a simple and ingenious new tool for removing mud from your boots and shoes. It's pocket-sized so ideal to take to the game in your bootbag, or keep in the car! Loved by football, hockey and rugby players, runners, golfers and hikers alike - it can even tighten studs! * NB. designed for occasional tightening of studs. If completely removing or replacing studs, always use your boot manufacturers reinforced stud key.


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