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Brand: Noza Tec
Studio: Bailun
Label: Bailun
Publisher: Bailun
Manufacturer: Bailun

  • Dimmable LED clip on desk lamp with 3 levels brightness, change the brightness through touch control for easy operation
  • Eye-cared clip on lamp, soft natural daylight lamp. No flickering, no dark area and no ghosting to provide a best vision for your reading, studying, learning and working at night
  • 360° adjustable gooseneck for adjusting light angle and height, also can be easily bent into a compact and portable size
  • USB rechargeable clip on reading light with built-in 500mAh rechargeable battery (3 working hours at brightness levels after fully charged), cordless and convenient
  • Widened extra strong clip (can be stretched up to 6cm) that attach to bed, headboard, workbench, laptop, table and desk. Also stand naturally with really firm and anti-slip base
Product Description:


Energy-saving: 5W max power, really more efficient than incandescent lamps, but bright enough for working, studying, reading and writing, arts and crafts, needlework at night, soft and cozy

Premium long lasting LED bulb and ABS material, ensuring a long term daily using

360 degree rotation, flexible neck adjusted to diffent angle and height depending on what you need

Touch Sensitive Control: single touch gives lowest brightness, double touches for medium brightness level, and triple touches for the brightest light


Item Type: USB rechargeable Clip On LED Desk Lamp Reading Light

Light source: LED lighting source

Light color: soft natural daylight

Color temperature: 5500K-6000K

3 dimming lights: low, middle & high

Max illumination: 150 lumens

Lifespan of bulb: more than 3000 hours

Max height: 21cm

Max clip width: 6cm

Material: ABS / rubber / metal

Package includes: 1x Clip On LED Desk Lamp Reading Light, 1x USB Charging Cable, 1x  Built-in Battery


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