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  • Ideal FIRST AID KIT FOR Home, Office, Construction site, CAR, VAN or TAXI
  • We offer British Standard BS8599 compliant and HSE compliant first aid kits for the workplace
  • All contents are CE Marked and medically approved. Extremely hard-wearing and durable green nylon kit bag
  • UK Seller - Great Quality
Product Description: CONTENTS: 2 x Instant Cold (Ice) 2 x Knuckle Fabric Strips 7.5cm x 3.8cm 2 x Fingertip Fabric Strips 5.8cm x 4.5cm Packs 1 x 15ml Normal Sterile 2 x Conforming Bandages 7.5cm x 4.5m 2 x Triangular Bandages 96cm x 96cm x 136cm 1 x First Aid Tape Roll 1.25cm x 4.5m 3 x Wound Dressing 10cm x 10cm 2 x Conforming Bandages 5.0cm x 3.6m 1 x Crepe Bandage Roll 7.5cm x 4.5m 2 x Sterile Eye Pad 6cm x 8cm3 x Non Adherent Pad 3" x 3" 30 x Adhesive Plasters 1.9cm x 7.6cm 10 x Adhesive Plasters 1.0cm x 4.0cm 1 x Foil Emergency Blanked 130cm x 210cm 10 x Antiseptic Wipes 1 x Pairs of Medium Gloves 1 x 12 x Safety Pins 1 x Plastic Tweezers 1 x Medical Scissors 1 x Medical bag FREE TRAVEL 35 Pcs first aid kit is perfect for work and leisure purposes, ideal for storing in the car, caravan or taking with you on your trip abroad. Contents 2x sterile gauze pad 7.5cm * 7.5cm 10 x Adhesive plaster 7.5 * 2cm 1x Adhesive Wound Dressing 6cm * 7cm 12 x safety pins 6 x Antiseptic Wipes 1 x PBT Bandage 7.5cm x 4.5m 1x Medical sessions 1 x Medical tape 1.5cm x 5m 1 x carry case improved primary school teacher head principle medic cost travelling abroad syringe plaster bandage clothes green johnson online shopping workplace injury knee injury arm slip trip hazard physicians care 355pc first aid kit 50 person signs paediatric packing overseas medium small large nhs regulation guidelines marine coastal lifesystems water proof first aid kit general purpose improved 0929 hill walking electric shock factory treatment accessories survival childminder extinguisher chemical backpacking best made asthma animals amk ultralight and watertight 3 first aid kit amk ultralight and watertight 3 first aid kit adventure medical ultralight & watertight.7 first aid kit advanced first aid kit list brownie first aid kit first aid kit when i grow up first aid kit wikipedia

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