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Binding: Office Product
Brand: Specwell
Studio: Specwell
Label: Specwell
Publisher: Specwell
Manufacturer: Specwell
List Price: £214.80
Price: £214.80
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  • Dual Usage - Can be used either as a close-up stand microscope or long distance monocular telescope
  • Access to the viewed Specimen - A cutaway is provided in the clear base which allows user to touch the object under inspection
  • Versatile Applications - Used as a stand microscope, telescope, a reading aid and for quality control in industries
  • Acrylic Base - Sturdy and durable base along with close focus lens can be screwed onto the monocular resulting in an excellent stand microscope
  • Field of View - It has variable field of views when used as telescope and microscope.
Product Description: The Specwell M-616-W-LS Monocular with Close Focus Lens is a versatile product which can be used as close-up stand microscope or long distance monocular telescope. A minimum distance of 260 mm is needed to be maintained when using this focus lens as a telescope. By screwing the close focus lens and acrylic base onto the monocular, it can be used as an excellent microscope with a field of view of 13 mm. The lens systems provided in the device are achromatic and have an anti-reflection coating. Besides being used for industrial application, Specwell M-616-W-LS Monocular with Close Focus Lens can be used as a vision aid.

Technical Specifications:

Magnification factor: 6x (monocular) Distance 260 mm = 11x , 20x (stand microscope LS)
Focusable: Yes
Scale: No
Working distance (min.): 260 mm (monocular), 60 mm (stand microscope)
Field of view, monocular: Distance 1000 metres = 175 metres
Distance: 250 mm = 36 mm
Field of view close-up lens: 13 mm (stand microscope, LS)
Dimensions: 74 x 32 mm (monocular), 155 x 45 mm (stand microscope)
Weight: 80 grams (monocular), 114 grams (stand microscope)
Leather case: included
Display: Image not reversed
Lens opening: 16 mm
Angle of vision: 10 degree
Relative brightness: 7
Pupil diameter: 2.7 mm

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