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Binding: Misc.
Brand: Defler
Studio: Defler
Label: Defler
Publisher: Defler
Manufacturer: Defler
List Price: £15.99
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  • 60 piece First Aid kit
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Comes in zipped pouch
  • Great for treating minor first aid injuries and wounds
  • KIT INCLUDES: Emergency Blanket, CPR Face Mask, Triangular Bandage, Elastic Bandages, Sterile Gauze Pad, Latex Tourniquet, Alcohol Prep Pad, Safety Pin, Band Aid, Scissors, Plastic Tweezers,Cotton Swabs,Non woven Position Tape.
Product Description: Every so often, kids will have a bump or a graze and it is important to have a first aid kit handy, just in case. We have developed a well equipped kit for parents to use. The Mini First Aid Kit is ideal for days out. It contains all the necessary basic first aid items you are likely to need to treat most common injuries.

Package Include:
1 × Triangular bandage:96x96x136cm
1 × Elastic Conforming Bandages: 5.0cmx4.5m
2 × Sterile Gauze Pad: 3cmx3cm
1 × Latex Tourniquet:2.5cmx46cm
1 × Nonwoven Position Tape:1.25cmx4.5m
1 × First aid Scissors:9cm
1 × Plastic Tweezers:12.5cm
1 × Emergency Blanket
1 × CPR Face Mask
10 × Alcohol Prep Pad:5cmx5cm
10 × Safety Pin :3cm
10 × Band Aid:7.2cmx1.9cm
20 × Cotton Swabs
1 × Red First Aid Bag:20cm x 14cm


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