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Binding: Misc.
Brand: Fit Feet
Studio: Fit Feet
Label: Fit Feet
Publisher: Fit Feet
Manufacturer: Fit Feet
List Price: £19.95
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  • RELIEVES PAIN! Relieves pain from walking, running, standing and all other activities that put pressure on tendons, muscles, ligaments and bones.
  • PROVIDES GREAT SUPPORT! With a gentle and targeted compression the sleeve supports tendons, muscles, ligaments and bones of the foot. By supporting one part of the foot, another part may experience pain relief and removal of symptoms. Provides foot pain relief for both men and women.
  • TREATS A WIDE RANGE OF AILMENTS! Efficiently treats plantar fasciitis, plantar fibroma, arthritis, tendonitis, high arches, fallen arches, flat feet, arch pain, heel spurs, sever's disease, foot cramps, top of feet pain and heel pain.
  • VERSATILE AND EASY TO USE! Wear anywhere and anytime. Wear them under or over socks, bare feet, with any shoes, dress shoes, sneakers, running or tennis shoes, cross trainers, ski and snowboard boots, hiking or work boots, sandals, flats, pumps and heels. Some use them as an alternative to night splints or first thing in the morning, others as orthotics or as an alternative to insoles during the day at home, at work or whilst doing sports, running and working out.
  • USE INSTEAD OF KINESIOLOGY TAPES AND WRAPS! Runners, soccer players, football players and all athletes and sports professionals use these braces to great effect instead of kinesiology tape or wraps. A THOUGHTFUL PRESENT FOR A BIRTHDAY OR OTHER CELEBRATIONS! Show that you care with a present that will truly make a difference! Men and women, young and old will all benefit from improved foot care as it helps them to live their lives to the full! Click 'Add to Cart' and make a difference!
Product Description: Plantar fasciitis is perhaps the most common foot problem worldwide. The sleeves give you fast relief to troubling heal and foot pain. Slip them on for fast relief and immediate comfort. Efficiently treats Plantar Fasciitis, Arthritis, Tendonitis, Flat Feet, Sever's Disease, Arch Pain and Foot Cramp. Also provides great arch support. Very durable, can be worn daily, easily washable. Whether you're using for home, work, running or other sports you will benefit hugely from using these compression sleeves. Unisex to meet the needs of both men and women. The slim design insures they fit neatly under or over socks, bare feet, with dress shoes, work boots, tennis shoes, cross trainers, hiking boots and ski and snowboard boots. Order yours NOW and put an end to pain and limited mobility. Easy Care : Hand Wash, Air Dry. How to measure for fit: Measure around foot with a tape measure. MAXIMUM measured length should be no more than 12 inches. We recommend 10-12 inches as the best fit. Click add to cart for fast foot pain relief!


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