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Binding: Misc.
Brand: Mosquito Nets 4 U
Studio: Mosquito Nets 4 U ®
Label: Mosquito Nets 4 U ®
Publisher: Mosquito Nets 4 U ®
Manufacturer: Mosquito Nets 4 U ®
List Price: £19.99
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  • 😃AN EXTRA LAYER OF PROTECTION - No more waving of hands or swatting to keep annoying insects away that could cause serious irritation. Mosquito Nets 4 U Natural Insect Repellent Patch repels annoying insects such as mosquitoes, flies, wasps and bees.
  • 😃 NO NASTY CHEMICALS INCLUDED. Each patch contains natural essential oils: Citronella, Eucalyptus and Peppermint. A natural and refreshing scent for humans but repulsive to insects. Great!
  • 😃 SMALL AND MIGHTY - The repellent patch gets to work immediately. For best results, simply stick on clothes, hats, nappies, bags, sandals, pushchair, prams etc. Do not stick on skin. Each 3cm diameter patch provides 12 - 24 hours protection. Seal the packet to keep unused patches fresh.
  • 😃 HOLIDAY ESSENTIALS - Avoid painful mosquito bites and enjoy your holiday. Mosquito Nets 4 U Natural Insect Repellent patch is the ideal companion for travelling and baby essentials. Great for camping, hiking, park, picnic, sports etc. 60 green smiley patches per pack gives you 1440 hours of natural protection. Freedom!
  • 😃 MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. That's our promise if you are not 100% satisfied.

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Product Description: Mosquito Nets 4 U Natural Insect Repellent Patch for mosquitoes and other annoying insect provides that extra protection and is a complement to other insect repellent. Use daily where mosquitoes and flying insects are most prevalent.

The patch is 100% deet free and contains natural ingredients such as Citronella, Eucalyptus and Peppermint. With it's refreshing scent you can enjoy bite free days naturally.

60 patches in self seal pack. Seal pack after opening to maintain freshness. Each patch measures 3cm in diameter. Colour: Green.

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. That's our promise if you are not 100% satisfied so BUY NOW WITH CONFIDENCE NOW!


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