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Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day.  Teach him how to fish and he will sit in a boat and drink beer all day.

Author Unknown

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Binding: Kitchen & Home
Brand: EECOO
Studio: ceyo
Label: ceyo
Publisher: ceyo
Manufacturer: ceyo
List Price: £21.99
Price: £21.99
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  • TWO-HANDLE DESIGNED: Resilient sponge handle effectively reduce the damage to hands caused by vibration and friction. The second pivoting handle creates an equal weight distribution system, reduces strain on back and legs, effectively help sit and stand up.
  • NON-SLIP FREE STANDING RUBBER BASE: 4 Cane tip protectors of the folding walking cane enhance safety on varying terrain, this cane can stand up on its own for quick and easy access. Helps prevent user from having to bend over to pick up cane and risk falling.
  • BUILT- IN LED LIGHTS: 6 Built-in lights on handle (battery included), 60 degree adjustable head, safely guide you in dark. Please remove the insulating sheet inside before use, otherwise the light will not work.
  • FOLDABLE AND LIGHTWEIGHT: Strong aluminum alloy walking stick, with a maximum user weight of 90 kg, lightweight and it can be quickly folded into 3 sections to aid in transportation and storage.
  • 5 ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT LEVELS: With the simple push of a button on top of the adjustable walking cane, you can easily adjust the cane to 5 convenient heights ranging from 88 cm to 100 cm. It will be more relaxed and comfortable for people whose height is between 167cm and 180cm. It's just a suggestion, since people always has different habits when using their cane. Please choose your new cane according to the height of the old one.

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Product Description:
Weight: 625g
Material: Aluminum alloy
Number of joints: 3
Height: 88 cm-100 cm
Maximum load: 90 lbs
Number of lamps: 6
Battery Type: LR44 1.5v 160mAH Button Cell
Maximum adjustment angle: 60 degree

How to Properly Size a Cane:
Wearing your shoes, naturally stand upright. Put your arms to your side with a natural bend at the elbow. Have someone measure the distance from your wrist joint to the floor. This is the height at which to set your cane.

30 day 100% satisfaction guarantee, apart from the Sponge Cover for the Handle and the Cane Tip Protectors, the product can enjoy one year limited warranty for the non-artificial damage.

The cane is only for the auxiliary support. Please do not overuse it to the extremes in case of injury. Batteries can be replaced, just need to rotate the light tip to open the battery cover and replace the battery.
Please remove the insulating sheet inside before use, otherwise the light will not work.


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