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Binding: Misc.
Publisher: OUSPOTS
Manufacturer: OUSPOTS

  • ✡ Energy Saving:honeycomb design, gas cycle repeated combustion to improve thermal performance, the same combustion temperature than ordinary burner more fuel.
  • ✡ Windproof:Stove around the use of stainless steel wind shield, can withstand strong winds scattered heat, is more concentrated firepower.
  • ✡ Stable and Safe:The use of tripod bottom for support, the structure is more stable, high-quality hose and gas tank connection, the use of safe and convenient,Electronic ignition methods do not have to be troubled by fire.
  • ✡ Easy to Carry:After use ,the stove can fold in a plastic box ,small and lightweight.Suitable for backpacking,hiking and etc.
  • ✡ Customer Guarantee:If you have problems with the product, please feel free to contact to us. ✉
Product Description: Product details
Material: High-strength Aluminum Alloy Copper Alloy And Stainless Steel
Power: 2900W(use liquefied butane gas)
Folding Size:174*87mm
Unfolding Size:70*87mm
Net Weight:280g
Way of ignition: Electronic ignition
Package Includes
1 x Portable Windproof Butane Stove
1 x Fuel Hose with fuel-canister connecting valve and fuel flow-control knob
1 x User Guide

✿ Check the gas control valve and make sure it's closed
✿ Unfold the bracket and put the stove on the ground
✿ Insert the Butane gas tank into pressure reducing valve, tighten according to the thread direction
✿ Turn on the gas control knob in a counter clockwise direction
✿ Judging whether the valve is open by the gas sound
✿ Fire and put the pot on the bracket
✿ After use, close the gas adjustment button.Remove the tank after stove getting cool


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