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Brand: Someas
Studio: Someas
Label: Someas
Publisher: Someas
Manufacturer: Someas
List Price: £4.65
Price: £4.65
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  • <p>★ Material: lightweight aluminum alloy 6061
  • <p>★ Size: outer volume: full length 9.3cm diameter 3cm; inner volume (available space): length 7.8cm diameter 2.4cm
  • <p>★ Perfect to store Hearing Aid Batteries , pills, tablets, vitamins, capsules, money and other little kits
  • <p>★ Colour: Black/Green/Orange
  • <p>★ Kindly Advise: Please double check the measure before your order. If your item is too large to this seal case

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Product Description:

Product description:

Greatlizard EDC Keychain Capsule Tube.

Solid Stocking Container, Seal Bottle, Match Case, Dry Box, Pill Fob

Main Features:

1. Military level waterproof

2. Material: Solid mental

3. Smooth screw thread

4. Top keychain hole

5. Rubber O-ring


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