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Binding: Misc.
Brand: Bago
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  • NEVER WORRY ABOUT FALLING OR LOSING YOUR BALANCE WHEN YOU GO WALKING, THE FOLDABLE WALKING CANE WILL SUPPORT YOU IN COMFORT! You shouldn't have to give up your independence just because you're elderly, disabled or injured. Get outside and enjoy some exercise or even a little travel with the Foldable Walking Cane. The sturdy ABS plastic handle and ergonomic design will support you even as you go up and down stairs.
  • WALK CONFIDENTLY ON ALL SURFACES, DAY AND NIGHT! We don't get any younger but Bago's cane is designed with four point rubber touch system at the base to securely grip all floor surfaces. Unlike other medical supply firms, OUR HANDLE DISPLAYS A LED LIGHT so you can see in dark environments. The WRISTBAND keeps the cane from falling off your hand. Let this reliable stick care for your walking needs so you don't have to give up your freedom!
  • THE MOST COMPACT AND CONVENIENT TRAVEL ACCESSORY, UNLIKE ANY WALKER OR WHEELCHAIR! The lightweight aluminum walking aid stick by Bago folds quickly and easily to a small size of 6.7'', allowing you to store it in your car or under an airplane chair. It even fits in a suitcase. Fully adjustable, this cane will FIT PEOPLE OF ALL HEIGHTS with a max length of 37.8''. Just unfold and you're ready to explore. It's so compact, light and easy to use that we know you'll be satisfied
  • STAND EASILY IN ANY POSITION WITH THE UNIQUELY DESIGNED FOOT PIVOTING MECHANISM: We've designed this cane with maximum versatility for your peace of mind. Stand in any position on any surface and the cane's foot will grip the floor with its four rubber tips, even when standing in a wide stance. The reinforced joints WILL NEVER COLLAPSE WHILE IN USE! Use this to guide your feet and you'll be amazed at what this thoughtfully designed walking stick can do. Never second guess your balance again.
  • THE STABILITY AND SUPPORT OF THIS STICK WILL MAKE YOUR WALKS CAREFREE - OUR GUARANTEE: The Foldable Walking Stick is built to carry and support heavy weight reliably. The strong aluminum pole simply clicks into place and is guaranteed to support you when you need it most. This cane will support even the heaviest people like a pro. Get the durable strength of this cane today with no risk: WE OFFER A 90 DAYS WARRANTY: 100% MONEY BACK OR A REPLACEMENT. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

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Product Description: You may be elderly, but you still have your independence!

Never worry about losing your balance when you exercise or simply walk across the room. Bago's foldable walking stick is the perfect solution to all your balance and mobility needs.

The small and compact cane is made to fold easily for storage when not in use. Carry it in your bag or stow it under a chair until the next time you need it. Travelling is easy with Bago's Foldable Walking Cane, it's there when you need it, but out of the way in your luggage when you're done. It's much more compact than a walker or wheelchair, yet still provides mobility protection.

We've reinforced the joints at each fold along the rod to ensure stability and strength when you need it most. IT WON'T COLLAPSE WHILE IN USE.

The comfortable handle is ergonomically designed, unlike cheap walking poles. The foot of the cane has a four tip rubber grip system to help it latch onto even the slipperiest floor finishes. Don't worry about slipping, even when using it with a wide stance; the rubber head will give you stable support.

Carrying additional accessories can slow you down, so you can leave your flashlight at home with this cane. Activate the LED light on the handle and guide yourself through low-light areas safely. We've also ensured that the height is adjustable, so this cane will fit people of all heights. Have no worries about dropping the cane when you're out and about walking, the cane comes with a convenient wristband to keep it close at hand.

Don't be fooled by other cheaper knock-off products available, none can compare to the:


Of Bago's Foldable Walking Cane!

Get it today, risk free, and you'll wonder how you ever got along without it!


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