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Binding: Electronics
Brand: Svbony
Studio: Svbony
Label: Svbony
Publisher: Svbony
Manufacturer: Svbony
List Price: £11.99
Price: £11.99
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  • Svbony 4mm eyepiece, suitable for 1.25 inch / 31.7mm telescope, practical accessories
  • 62 ° aspheric field of view will show the best performance of chromatic aberration, suitable for viewing scenery, bright objects, nebula and so on
  • Fully multi-coated glasses, with excellent image contrast and light transmission
  • Eyepiece HD can increase the magnification of the telescope combination
  • The eyepiece interface recesses can prevent loss
Product Description: Specification:
Brand: Svbony
Focal length:0.16 inch / 4mm
Field of view: 62°
Standard 1.25" (31.75mm) fitting diameter
Eye lens diameter: 0.39inch / 10mm
Coating: Optical lenses, Fully coated, High-definition
The structure of the optical system: Aspheric Eyepiece
Weight: 1.48oz / 0.09lb / 42g

Package Include:
1 X Svbony 4mm Aspheric Eyepiece
2 X Protection of Lens Shell


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