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Binding: Apparel
Brand: Highlander
List Price: £31.00
Price: £31.00
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  • A tough and durable folding sleep mat which packs down small for ease of carriage.
  • Ideal for Cadets
  • Lightweight - 540g
  • Water Resistant
  • 300D PU coated polyester outer with foam core
Product Description: NEW Rapid Force Z Mat Sleeping Roll Mat / Fold a Mat MTP Z MAT lightweight and compact The Z Fold up Sniper Mat is a must for anyone serving in the Armed Forces. A mat is a necessity for everyone providing insulation from the floor. This is when sleeping, sitting down for a while havin a brew/wet, lying in an FRV, Lying in an Ambush the list is endless. The Z Mat can be folded so it sits under your smock if you are in an Ambush or FRV etc. When rolling a conventional issue Roll Mat up in the dark you collect a large amount of leaves, foliage etc, if you have to move in a hurry it can be a nightmare rolling your mat up tying it and attaching it to your bergen. The Z mat is folded in super quick time and can be slipped into bungees on the side of bergen as shown in the picture, or just stuffed into the top of your bergen. Saving valuable time if you have to move position quickly. The Z Utilises bungee ties to allow it to be made secure within seconds 185 cm long and provides coverage for the full body length for maximum heat retention. The mat is 48 cm wide When packed away measures just 48 x 23 x 8 cm. It weighs only 540 grams so is very lightweight and compact. The size and weight means it is easily carried in rucksack or daysack This item is ideal for anyone who is spending time in the outdoors and is one of those pieces of kit that should defiantly be issued, it is a must have for any service personnel.

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