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Binding: Sports
Brand: ASAB
Studio: ASAB
Label: ASAB
Publisher: ASAB
Manufacturer: ASAB
List Price: £5.36

  • WATER RESISTANT - The outdoor camping mat will not get damaged even if it gets wet, does not absorb liquids and you can clean it with a cloth. This makes the camp mats suitable also as a picnic mat and swimming pool mat
  • INSULATING - The camping roll mat is insulating thanks to the power of the EVA foam, but it is possible to increase the insulation by choosing the model of eva roll mat with aluminium foil backing.
  • SUPER COMPACT - Minimizes the space occupied by the hiking mat by rolling it up and keeping it closed with the supplied straps. It will be easy to fix it to any trekking backpack and you won't notice that you have it because it is lightweight.
  • STURDY AND SOFT - The anti-slip yoga mat is ideal as a gym workout mat and will absorb the impacts, protecting you from many injuries. The fit mat that you cannot miss in your gym equipment.
  • MULTIPURPOSE - The camping sleeping mat that you can also use as a beach yoga mat, gym exercise mat or travel sleeping mat. This eva foam mat can be used for many activities!

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Product Description:

Get ready for your next excursion with the ASAB lightweight camping mat.

This travel sleeping mat is made of EVA foam that has a high insulating power and will allow you not to disperse in the ground your body heat.
In addition, the hiking sleeping mat will allow you to have a good rest by giving yourself a soft surface on which to recover your energy.
For even more insulating power, choose the version of the hiking mat with aluminium foil back.

If you don't love sandy beaches, but find the stones uncomfortable, then this is the beach mat for you!

This soft foam mat does not absorb water and will give you the pleasure of softness even on a pebble beach.

Training by reducing the injury risk with this gym activity mat!

Whether you do yoga, pilates, crossfit or any other discipline, this fitness exercise mat will absorb impact with the floor and help you safeguard your joints.
Use it as an ab exercise mat, it's perfect!

For your walks in the woods and picnics, this waterproof sleeping mat cannot be missed.

Being a water resistant mat will give you a pleasant break even on wet soils such as those of the forests and thanks to its lightness you will not even notice that you have hung it on your backpack.
Its practical straps keep it rolled up and the space occupied by the compact camping mat will be very small.


Length: 180cm Width: 50cm Thickness: 0.6cm Weight: 164g

Put the ASAB compact roll mat in your cart now and get ready for your next campsite!


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