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Binding: Electronics
Brand: Inateck
Studio: Inateck
Label: Inateck
Publisher: Inateck
Manufacturer: Inateck
List Price: £47.99
Price: £47.99
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  • 【Super-capacity】This bag can hold 3-4 lenses, various accessories, a 15 inch MacBook Pro or a 14-inch laptop, a 10.5 inch iPad Pro, a tripod, clothes and personal items. Dimensions: 31.5 x 18 x 47cm (12.4 x 7.1 x 18.5 inch)
  • 【Ingenious inside structure】Dual layer design. The upper layer can hold laptop, various accessories, and clothes, while the lower layer is designed to hold a camera or 3-4 lenses. Back-opening design for theft protection. Velcro partitions for custom organization. Thick and soft flannelette to prevent lenses from hitting each other.
  • 【Convenient side opening】A side opening is available on the left-back side, which allows quick and convenient access to the camera. The elastic buckled nylon pocket and mesh pocket on the right side facilitates carrying tripod and accessories.
  • 【Delicate details】The cap of the upper layer is held firm with both magnetic buckle and velcro. A zippered pocket is available at the front of the bag, which can hold an iPad or accessories. A buckle is equipped on the strap, which facilitates long-distance travel and carrying a heavy load.
  • 【Water-resistant】The camera bag is crafted with spill-resistant material, and is packaged with a waterproof cover, to relieve your worry of equipment getting wet in rainy weather.
Product Description: Abundant Space
Super-capacity camera bag perfectly fits various outdoor needs. The whole space could accommodate one 15-inch MacBook Pro or 14-inch laptop, an iPad, a tripod and various personal items. You could put almost everything you need in this bag for photo-shooting.

Ingeniously Designed
The camera backpack is divided into two layers. The upper layer holds a laptop, various accessories, and clothes. Velcro in the lower layer can adjust the compartment and organize lenses in it. What's more, the lenses are secured from hitting each other with a soft yet thick flannelette pad.

Great Companion for Travelling
The details of the bag are simply impressive. There is a zippered pocket in the front to hold an iPad and accessories. The buckle on the bag strap caters to the need of long-distance travel and carrying a heavy load.

Keep Belongings Safe
The camera backpack is made of water-resistant material, and comes with an additional rain-resistant shield. This considerate design is excellent for storing items like batteries, memory cards, and USB drives in rainy outdoor weather. Finally, there is a back-opening access to ensure the safety of your belongings.


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