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Brand: MH
Studio: M&H Technology
Label: M&H Technology
Publisher: M&H Technology
Manufacturer: M&H Technology
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  • POWERFUL, RELIABLE PEST CONTROL - ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY MOUSE TRAP This Ultrasonic pest repeller has a powerful inbuilt microelectronic generator that works around the clock whether you're at home or not to provide our customers with a 50 - 80 metre square safe zone, free of pesky rodents. NO POISEN, TRAPS NO EXTERMINATOR - just innovative technology. I
  • A PRODUCT TO SOLVE YOUR INDOOR PEST PROBLEMS - Our ultrasonic technology coupled with our sleek and modern design contributes to the visuals of your homes. This intelligent repeller has two LED's that pulsate with the ultrasonic frequency, creating a barrier to pests without affecting your day to day lives.
  • DESIGNED WITH OUR CUSTOMERS IN MIND - UPDATED MOTH CAPABILITIES - Made from a sturdy ABS thermoplastic polymer our professional design gives the user control, allowing them to easily Plug and Go. Although its small size of 80 x 50 x 28mm and weight of only 48 grams this ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY pest removal unit packs a punch, projecting ultrasonic frequencies between 22- 65KHz.
  • SIMPLE, SMART AND 100% SAFE - Just plug into your wall socket within affected areas and watch as our products drives ANTS, SPIDERS, MICE, CRANE FLIES AND MOSQUITOS away from a 50-80 square meter area. This repeller is a safe option for both humans and rodents creating a harmless pest free environment for children and domestic pets. No Poisen, No Insect Spray, TRAPS NO EXTERMINATOR - just innovative technology.
  • 1 YEAR WARRANTY 100% FREE RETURNS for this plug in pest repeller. We take pride in everything we do and our PEST CONTROLLER is no different. We are confident that you will love the results and offer a 1 year warranty that covers any faults you may have and offer a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. PLEASE ALLOW AT LEAST A WEEK TO 10 DAYS FOR THE PESTS TO BE REMOVED
Product Description: Transform your home with our upgraded Ultrasonic Pest Control Unit. Never before has it been so easy to set a mouse trap eliminate pests, bugs and other small insects.

Reliable - Our plug in pest repeller generates pulsates silently at regular intervals between 22-65KHz. This creates a barrier against a spectrum of different pests almost building an impenetrable force field keeping the insects away.

Eco-friendly PEST CONTROL without the nasty chemicals.

Transform Your Home - This small device looks right at home with its smart and elegant white design. The small blue LED illuminates when the unit is on showing you when it's working.

Save Time + Money - Stop spending time and money researching how to get pests out of your home, we are your solution, buy our product talk to our sales team and let's eliminate insects and pests from your home.

It's Really that easy.

When you order this product, you will receive
•An Awesome Smart Home Pest repeller
•Instructions to Explain how to use it. Basically, plug and go!
•80 square meters of pest-free space.
•100% Satisfaction - 1 year warranty for any manufacturing defaults.

NOTE: You may see an initial increase in pests around your home. They will then remove themselves and find a safe place to live, far away from your own living space.

Please note if you have a serious rat or mice infestation then we suggest multiple units positioned around the area. We have a current promotion of buy 3 get 1 free.

If you have a rat or mice problem, then WE are the solution!


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