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Brand: Spares2go
Publisher: SPARES2GO
Manufacturer: SPARES2GO
List Price: £9.99
Price: £9.99
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  • Worktop Cover Fixing Kit for SPARES2GO to fit Hotpoint Dishwasher
  • Fits models: FDL570X, FDL570X.R, FDYB 10011 G, FDYB 11011 P, FDYF 1100 P, FDYF 11011 G, FDYF 11011 K, FDYF 11011 P, FDYF 2100 G, FDYF 2100 K, FDYF 2100 P, HFED 110 P, HFED110P, IDF145UK, IDP148MD, LFS 114 B UK.R, LFS114BUK, LFS114KUK, LFS114WUK, LFS114XUK, LFS114XUK.R, LFT 04 UK/TA, LFT 04 UK/TA.R, LFT 114 UK, LFT 114 UK.1, LFT 114 UK.R, LFT 228 A UK, LFT 228 A UK.R, LFT 2284 A UK, LFT 2284 A UK.R, LFT 321 HX UK, LFT 3214 HX UK,
  • and models: LFT 3214/1 HX UK, LFT 3214/1 HX UK.R, LFT 32147 HX UK, LFT H214AA HX UK, LFT M214AA HX UK, LFT04UK/TA, LFT114/HA, LFT114UK.R, LFZ338XUK, LSB 5B019 B UK, LSB 5B019 W UK, LSB 5B019 X UK, LST 216 A UK, LSTB 4B00 UK, LSTF9H117CUK, LTB 4B019 UK, LTB 4M116 UK, LTF 11M113 7C UK, LTF 11M121 C UK, LTF 11M121 O UK, LTF 11M132 C UK, LTF 11S112 O UK, LTF 8B019 C UK, LTF 8B019 UK, LTF 8M121 C UK, LTF11S112OUK, PFT 834X UK, PFT 8H4X UK,
  • and models: SDAL1200P, SDD910G, SDD910K, SDD910P, SDD910X, SDL510G, SDL510P, SDUD1200P, SIAL 11010 G, SIAL 11010 P, SISML 21011 P, SIUF 22111 G, SIUF 22111 K, SIUF 22111 P, SIUF 32121 X

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