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Binding: Kitchen & Home
Brand: Zantec
Studio: Zantec
Label: Zantec
Publisher: Zantec
Manufacturer: Zantec
List Price: £5.42
Price: £5.42
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  • Material: The Emergency Foil Sleeping Bag is it is waterproof and windproof, can be used indoor and outdoor use.
  • Material of reflection: The smooth surface of the pet has a good effect of reflector and can be used as a reflector to send the signal to the A lifeguard film.
  • Keep warm: each sleeping bag is designed to help prevent hypothermia and knocks keeping up to 90% of the heat from your body.
  • Individually independent packaging: Simple packaging for portable, can be folded in a small size, compact and light weight design.
  • Widely application: Universal emergency rescue devices, suitable for use in the exploration of field, the survey, and the disasters occur.
Product Description:
Item Name: Disposable sleeping bag
Type: Disposable items
Applicable crowd: adult
Material: Aluminium Foil
Filling material: Membrane pet
Color: Silver Tone
Structure: Envelope Type
Size (L * W): 100 x 200 cm Thickness: 12um
Weight: 105g Color: White
Package includes: 1 x Sleeping Bag which can be
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