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Brand: Spares2go
Publisher: SPARES2GO
Manufacturer: SPARES2GO
List Price: £12.99
Price: £12.99
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  • Door Hinge Cable Rope Spring Repair Kit made for SPARES2GO to fit Neff Dishwasher
  • Fits Models: S41L68N0EU/01, S41L68N0EU/09, S41L68N0EU/14, S41L68N0EU/16, S41L68N0EU/18, S41L68N0EU/19, S41L68N1EU/09, S41M40N3EU/01, S41M40N3EU/65, S41M40N3EU/73, S41M40N3EU/81, S41M40N5EU/06, S41M50N4EU/50, S41M50N4EU/65, S41M50N4EU/73, S41M50N5EU/01, S41M53N8EU/50, S41M53N8EU/65, S41M53N9EU/50, S41M58N9EU/50, S41M63N0GB/50, S41M63N1GB/44, S41M63N1GB/50, S41M63N1GB/55, S41M63N1GB/73, S41M63N1GB/75, S41M63N1GB/80, S41M63N1GB/81,
  • And Models: S41M63N1GB/85, S41M63N1GB/86, S41M63N1GB/93, S41M63N3EU/50, S41M63N3EU/73, S41M63N4EU/01, S41M63N4EU/44, S41M63N4EU/73, S41M63N4EU/80, S41M63N4EU/85, S41M63N4EU/86, S41M63N4EU/93, S41M65N6EU/50, S41M65N7EU/50, S41M68N3EU/50, S41M69N4EU/50, S41M69N7EU/50, S41M85N5DE/50, S41M85N6DE/50, S41M85N6DE/73, S41M85N7DE/01, S41M85N8DE/01, S41M86N5DE/50, S41M86N6DE/50, S41M86N7DE/50, S41M86N8DE/50, S41M86N8DE/73, S41M86N8DE/75, S41M86N9DE/50,
  • And Models: S41M86N9DE/73, S41M86N9DE/75, S41N52N1EU/01, S41N53N0EU/50, S41N53N1EU/50, S41N53N1EU/65, S41N53N1EU/73, S41N53N2EU/50, S41N53N2EU/73, S41N53N3EU/50, S41N53N3EU/73, S41N53N3EU/75, S41N53N4EU/01, S41N53N7EU/01, S41N53N8EU/01, S41N58N0EU/50, S41N58N1EU/50, S41N58N1EU/73, S41N58N2EU/50, S41N58N2EU/73, S41N58N3EU/50, S41N58N3EU/73, S41N58N3EU/75, S41N58N7EU/01, S41N58N8EU/01, S41N65N5EU/50, S41N65N5EU/73, S41N65N5EU/75, S41N65N6EU/01, S41N69N3EU/50,
  • And Models: S41N69N3EU/59, S41N69N3EU/64, S41N69N3EU/67, S41N69N3EU/73, S41N69N5EU/50, S41N69N5EU/73, S41N69N5EU/75, S41N86N0DE/50, S41N86N0DE/70, S41N86N0DE/73, S41N86N1DE/01, S41T69N1GB/50, S41T69N2GB/50, S41T69N2GB/73, S41T69N2GB/75, S41T69N7EU/50, S41U69N3EU/50, S41U69N3EU/70, S41U69N3EU/73, S41U69N4EU/01, S42D30N1EU/01, S42D30N1EU/09, S42D30N1EU/14, S42D30N1EU/16, S42D30N1EU/18, S42D30N1EU/19, S42D50N1EU/01, S42D50N1EU/09, S42D50N1EU/14, S42D50N1EU/16,

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