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Brand: DryCloth
List Price: £19.90
Price: £19.90
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  • WATERPROOF SPRAY that forms an invisible barrier to protect shoes, Uggs and bags against liquids and stains
  • LONG LASTING - Get up to 12 moths worth of waterproof protection
  • 100% BREATHABLE rain and stain protection that does not alter the look of suede, nubuck & sheepskin
  • ECO FRIENDLY water based repellent - Non toxic and odourless
  • LIFETIME SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - We like to go the extra mile, which is why that if you don't see RESULTS or are not happy for ANY reason, you can contact us for a FULL REFUND, no questions asked. Making your purchase COMPLETELY RISK FREE. At DryCloth we believe customer service is just as important as staying dry

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Product Description: DryCloth is an Eco friendly waterproof spray that creates a water repellent surface for all suede, nubuck and sheepskin products including shoes, sneakers, handbags, jackets and clothing. DryCloth will help keep your belongings looking new and clean for longer, without altering the look, feel or breathability of the suede.

DryCloth makes it easier to clean your shoes and clothing from water and food stains. DryCloth can be used on both new and used shoes and clothing. Please make sure you clean a used item thoroughly to remove dust and dirt so DryCloth bonds fully with the fabric and works its magic

How To Apply
  • Clean the item thoroughly with a brush (if not brand new).
  • Shake the bottle before use
  • Spray DryCloth from approx. 5-15cm distance until the surface is wet, evenly covering all areas.
  • Rub DryCloth in a circular motion with a shoe brush or your fingers.
  • Re-apply after 10 mins and give it another quick spray in case any spots were missed, then leave it for 24 hours.

Eco Friendly
The product provides complete protection from water and oil-based liquids, without changing the look and feel of the material. It's also 100% breathable, and free from any nano particles, propellants and teflon that can damage the environment.

100% undetectable to the human eye DryCloth spray does not leave any visible marks on your treated products. We understand that maintaining the original look of you favourite pair of shoes is just as important as protecting it from the weather.

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