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It always rains on tents. Rainstorms will travel thousands of miles, against prevailing winds for the opportunity to rain on a tent.

Dave Barry



Leatherman LogoLeatherman are world famous for the quality of their multi-tools and the precision engineering in their production.

All of their tools come with extended warranties (up to 25 years) which is testament to the outstanding quality they maintain.

Leatherman History

The Leatherman Tool Company was founded in 1983 by Tim Leatherman after several years of work and design on the PST, or Pocket Survival Tool.

It all started in 1975 when Tim and his wife decided to travel around Europe on a budget holiday in a 1969 Fiat bought for $300.

Problems with the car during the trip made him realise how useful a multi-function tool would be.

He was an engineer rather than a machinist, but his brother-in-law helped him to learn the machinist skills.

His first multi-tool was created in 1979 and patented in 1980.

World Famous Quality Multi-Tools

Today the name Leatherman is world famous – and the Leatherman Tool Company is renowned for the quality of their multi-tools.

Tim was once asked about the company’s devotion to quality and simply replied, ‘My name is on every tool.’

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