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If people concentrated on the really important things in life, there''d be a shortage of fishing poles.

Doug Larson

Outdoor Survival Equipment

Outdoor Survival Equipment

Some outdoor survival equipment should always be included in your outdoor kit, even if only taking the dog for a walk in the New Forest.

For fairly short walks you might feel a mobile phone is the only thing you need, but for longer expeditions you should think about taking some survival equipment.

These are items that have been specifically designed to help you survive under adverse conditions.

Outdoor Survival Essentials

When you are out hunting, fishing, hiking, backpacking, camping or generally enjoying the great outdoors, if something goes wrong what do you need to ensure survival?

What are your basic outdoor survival essentials?

Basic Survival Needs

If you consider your basic survival needs, factor in the type of trip or expedition you are planning and the terrain you will be covering, then you should be able to determine what basic outdoor survival equipment to take with you.

Your basic survival needs are:-

  • Medical (physical and psychological)
  • Protection (clothing, shelter and fire)
  • Sustenance (food and water)
  • Signalling (a means of communication to get help)
  • Travel (the ability to get to safety)

If you consider these 5 basic needs and look at the trip you are planning, you can work out what survival kit to take with you.

Remember that in a rescue situation, the survivor is usually the weak link.

Change that by being prepared.

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