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Emergency Bivvi Bag

Emergency Bivvi Bag

Emergency Bivvi BagAn Emergency Bivvi Bag has become a very popular addition to backpackers', scouts' and cadets' kit bags.

Basically, an emergency bivvi bag is a waterproof bag to be slipped over a sleeping bag to make an emergency shelter. They are usually made from orange plastic (so they're not breathable) and often have some survival instructions printed on them.

As well as being able to use it to sleep in, it can be used to keep your kit dry, and the orange colour is highly visible and the internationally recognised distress colour.

Bivvi, Bivy, Bivi - What's in a Name?

The name bivvi comes from the word bivouac, meaning temporary shelter. As such there are quite a few variations - bivi, bivy, bivvy and so on.

Because of their popularity, several manufacturers have started making breathable versions. These tend to be olive green in colour, because of their popularity with the military. They are also very popular with fishermen.

The basic, orange plastic bivvi is not breathable, so condensation can form inside the bag. Because of this, it is only really suitable for use as an emergency bivvi bag.

If you are going to be using it every night you are much better off investing in a breathable bivi bag, like the one made by Snugpak.

Because of their usefulness (to sleep in, to keep kit dry, to sit on, and to signal with), and their very cheap price (from around £2), the Emergency Bivvi Bag has become an indispensable addition to the list of survival essentials.

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