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Choosing a Camping Tent

Choosing a Camping Tent

Last year the UK experienced a massive growth in the popularity of camping, partly due to more families and couples choosing to holiday in the UK rather venturing abroad, but also as the excitement and adventure of the outdoors gripped people of all ages.

With years of camping experience ourselves, we have put together this guide to choosing a camping tent which we hope will help you select the right tent for you, whether you are a new or a seasoned camper.

Choosing the Right Size Tent

If possible and practicable, we would always recommend choosing a slightly larger size tent, usually 1 or 2 berths more than the expected number of campers.

If carrying all of your own camping equipment this may, of course, not be practical.

A little extra space gives additional comfort and practicality, providing more room to store your bags and camping equipment.

Don't choose an excessively large tent, as you'll lose some of the benefits.

For families, consider a tent with separate areas for the kids - they love their own space and have extra room to play.

Dome Tents, Tunnel Tents & Porches

The current range of camping tents available on the market includes the ever popular Dome Tent which is ideal for 1 or 2 people for short weekend camping trips.

Increasingly available are tents with porches.

These give you a versatile additional living area, perfect for storage, but even better for escaping the worst of the weather on wet or cold days.

For larger parties and longer camping expeditions, we would also recommend Tunnel Tents which provide families an extra living space, often with sleeping compartments nestled at one or both ends.

They are also more likely to be high enough to walk around in, without stooping.

Single Skin Tents & 2 Skin Tents

In the days of canvas tents it was extremely important for the smaller tents to have a separate flysheet, because you only had to touch the canvas when it was raining for water to start seeping through.

With modern treated fabrics this is no longer a problem and so it is less important to have a 2 skin tent.

Single skin tents are lighter and more compact and offer obvious benefits to backpackers and anyone else who will be carrying their equipment on their back.

The advantage of a 2 skin tent is that they will be cooler during hot weather, and they are far more breathable.

During hot, clammy nights those sleeping in a tent with a separate flysheet are far less likely to wake up in a pool of condensation.

Festival, Family and Camping Tents

Lastly it's important to choose a tent which is right for your particular activity.

Festival tents for example, are simple and lightweight, ideal for an infrequent summer festival or night away.

If you are a regular camper, choose a higher quality tent for improved durability and comfort, and while larger family tents are often bulkier they are hugely advantageous for a longer camping holiday.

Snugpak Camping Tents

The latest range of camping tents from Snugpak are very high specification, technical and professional models that have been designed to withstand heavy rain and strong winds.

They have been made to very exacting standards using top quality materials and components.

They are strong, waterproof, and lightweight and have been built to give years of service.

If you'd like further advice on choosing a camping tent, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

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