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How To Bull Boots

How to Bull Boots

Bulling boots is not something I've had to do since I was in the CCF back in my schooldays. I spent hours at it, and never got it quite right. What I needed was some good advice and I hope this is what I am giving here.

Spit & Polish?

I was always told to use 'spit and polish' when bulling boots, but in fact there is something in saliva that will stop it working properly. So, only use water. I can't remember whether the polish I used was oil based, but nobody told me it made any difference.

Hopefully this page will help a few people and prevent them from wasting quite as much time as I did. If there is anything I've missed, please let me know.

Spooning Boots

If the boots are not smooth you may need to 'spoon' the boots first. This entails smothering the boot in polish and then flattening any little knobs with a heated spoon until the boots are quite smooth.

Bulling Boots

To bull boots you will need a soft cloth or duster (preferably white), a glass of warm water, and an oil based polish. Kiwi Parade Gloss is very good.

  1. Holding the duster over your fingertip, moisten it in the water and then rub a small amount of polish onto it.
  2. Rub the polish into the boot in tiny circles until it starts to shine.
  3. Bring up the shine with a dry part of the duster.

Repeat steps 1 to 3.

This can take a long time, especially the first time. Once boots have been bulled, the process is much quicker as long as you do it regularly.

Good luck with it. If you found our advice on bulling boots helpful, please let us know.

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