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How to Shape a Beret

How to Shape a Beret

Shaping a beret is, I must admit, not something I have ever had to do. We didn't wear them when I was in the CCF. These instructions were kindly sent in by Laura, a keen air cadet in Andover. If you have anything on similar lines that you think would be a useful addition for this site, let us know.

To shape your beret:

  1. Holding the inner lining, submerge the top of the beret in hot water, being careful not to get the leather band wet generic viagra from india.
  2. Mould to head.
  3. Still holding the inner lining, submerge into cold water (again being careful not to get the leather band wet).
  4. Mould to head again, and keep it on for a minimum of 20 minutes, shaping and moulding as necessary.

You may need to repeat this process, to achieve the desired shape.

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